SSM held 2015 Spring Graduation Ceremony

On January 13, 2015, School of Software and Microelectronics (SSM) of Peking University held 2015 Spring Graduation Ceremony in Daxing Campus, Peking University. The Dean of School of Software and Microelectronics of Peking University Zhang Xing, executive vice dean Du Peng, vice dean Wu Zhonghai as well as other school leaders and teachers attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by vice dean Lin Huiping.

Graduation Ceremony

The ceremony was initiated by vice dean Wu Zhonghai announcing ”The 118th Decision Made by Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Peking University”, awarding Master Degree of Engineering to 140 students studied in SSM of Peking University.

Vice Dean Wu Zhonghai Announcing "The 118th Decision Made by Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Peking University”

A graduate Wang Jinqi gave a speech. He extended sincere gratitude to Peking University where he was cultivated and enriched. He said that all the students felt the “Democratic, Scientific and Inclusive” tradition of Peking University and the “opening-up, truth-seeking and entrepreneurship” spirit of SSM, and that besides knowledge, they also harvested friendship and teamwork ability. At last, he wished all the students and our school a bright future.

Speech Given by a Graduate

Master's tutor and associate professor Zhu Zhengzhou congratulated all the students. He said that we had been the students of Peking University since the moment we had got the Letter of Admission of Peking University, and educated by the spirits of Peking University at any time. He hoped that all the students would insist on the virtues “kindness, integrity, confidence and modest”, be motivated by these virtues in the way to success and live up to the spirit of Peking University.

Speech Given by Associate Professor Zhu Zhengzhou

The Dean Zhang Xing also made an address. He, firstly, congratulated all the students on their graduation. And he said that the time you studying here is also the time our school making rapid progress; the training system and structure had been optimized and improved constantly; the cultivation quality of the students and the scientific research capacity of the teachers had been enhanced steadily. What’s more, the alumni association of our school which was established in 2014 has become the bridge linking the graduates and our school. He told the graduates that the ceremony only represented the end of postgraduate career, not the end of endless learning. He wished all of the graduates could remember they are once the student of SSM of Peking University which will always be with them.

Address Made by the Dean Zhang Xing

In the soft and warm music, the graduates, wearing Master Gown, were awarded Master Degree diploma. Then Professor Zhang Xing and Professor Wu Zhonghai turned the tassel for them and took photos with them.

The graduates have become the ones beneficial to society after learning and experiencing in postgraduate period. With the development of our society, students graduated from SSM of Peking University will play more significant roles in all walks of life. This is what our society expects for our school and also what we promise to the society.

Group Photo of the Graduates