The Software Realization Technology Course Held a Class-ending Display in Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA)

On July 24th, 2015, Jiang Yanbing, the lecturer of the Software Realization Technology(SRT) course, led all the students enrolled to Microsoft Research Asia ( MRSA ) and reported to the teachers there their research and development achievements of ' cloud plus port '. Tian Jiangsen, Director of Innovation Engineering Center, Ying Qiufeng , Senior Development Supervisor and Academic Cooperation Manager, Sun Lijun and the other two teachers of MSRA took part in this activity. They also had further discussion and interaction with students based on their group display.

Mrs. Sun presided over the defense activity. The students had a thorough technology discussion with the experienced engineers of Microsoft. After the experts’ evaluation, Lemon’s group was awarded the Best Team for their ‘Vnglish’, an application to help people learn English by watching films. And Peng Wei, Zhao Jingru and Xu Hao also attained a prize due to their most outstanding performance. Mr Tian awarded the certificates and prizes to the team and individuals and encouraged the students to take an internship in MSRA. Then, teacher Sun showed the students around the working environment of MSRA.

Group photo of teachers and the awarded students      

It has been ten years since SSM opened this course together with MSRA. The opening of this course coincided with the countdown of the official launch of Windows 10 platform, so the joint teaching group consisting of SSM and MSRA reedited the original teaching plan, adding the newest win10 software development technology, big data technology and IOT techonology in addition to the basic software realization technology and principles of ‘ cloud and port ’ of Microsoft, most of which is of high reference value for Microsoft itself and can be transplanted to other congeneric technological platform. With the long-term attention and consistent support from SSM and MSRA, the joint teaching group is constantly seeking up-to-date technologies and exploring a more scientific teaching method with the belief that we won’t achieve something without a long-time persistence and with the great dedication to postgraduate education. They are aiming to create more opportunities for successive students of SSM who are fond of innovations.

The defense sight

Source: Software Technology and Service Engineering Subject Group